Monday, March 4, 2013

Mondays With the Maid

Cleaning products are like hair products.  You have a million of them under your counter, and you only use two.  I have learned to resist the urge to buy a new cleaning product and I have successfully whittled my collection down to a handful of my favorites.

I have a kitchen full of stainless steel appliances.  For years I have been cleaning them with Windex.  It's a reflective surface right?  It got the job done... a lot.  I was wiping down my fridge every other day to get off fingerprints.  In my fruitless search for a product to successfully remove hard water build up from my glass shower (see what I have tried here and here) , I came across actual stainless steel cleaner.  I bought it.  Not sure why, but I did.

A few days later, I remembered my purchase and thought, what the hell, might as well see if there is a difference.  I sprayed it on my smudgy fridge.  It was almost like a creamy spray, but it smelled like Windex.  Holy cow.  It must just be thick Windex.  Jerks got me to buy ANOTHER product for no reason.  Jaded, I started aggressively wiping my "Windex" off.  It did not just wipe off.  You really had to keep rubbing to get it off.  Hmmmmmmm.

Once I got it off, I looked at my REALLY shiny refrigerator.  It was beautiful.  Noticeably different from a Windex clean.  As a bonus, it seems to repel fingerprints (the label says it will, but in my experience, labels LIE).  My appliances are staying cleaner much, much longer than before.  Long story short, it works, so designate some cabinet space and get yourself a bottle!

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