Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winey Wednesdays

Today's selection was a suggestion by my grandmother.  She had SEVEN children.  Apparently she learned to appreciate wine for the same reason I have... it makes children less irritating.  She told me about finding a wine she loved and my grandfather buying it by the case.  I'm guessing he was banking it made husbands less irritating too.

When I told my grandma what kind of wine I thought I liked (crisp, light, a little sweet), she suggested Prosecco.  Since my grandma said I should, I bought some and drank it.

I bought Lunetta Prosecco because...  I'm sure you can guess.  It was on sale.  The label describes it as having "light aromas and vibrant taste".  Prosecco is a sparkling wine so I was expecting bubbles, but holy cow this stuff made me feel full of air.  It is VERY bubbly.  I was light and crisp and appley (It's a word I swear.  Don't give me a hard time, you knew what I meant didn't you?).  I am left wondering what it would be like in a punch type drink because it was a little too sparkly for my taste by itself.  I am thinking a Mother's Day party beverage...  I will let you know!

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