Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winey Wednesdays

Today's selection is another gift from my sister and her lovely wife.

It is produced by Stellar Winery.  I am not sure if it is called "Live a Little" or "Really Ravishing Red" or both.  I appears to be enjoyed by voluptuous women and men in zoot suits, dancing in a field of flowers at night.  It is an organic wine and vegan friendly.  I am not sure how a wine could be vegan unfriendly.  Maybe they test it out on monkeys.  Can you imagine drunk monkeys?  They pick each other for bugs and throw their own feces sober, so I'm not sure where it could go from there...

Anyhoo, this wine had no description so I can only use my own which is kind of scary.  It is not deep at all.  I did not feel it had richness which is not necessarily bad.  It had no burn to it and was pretty light for a red.  I would consider it a pretty straightforward, simple wine that would be good with a meal, because it would compliment and not compete with the flavors of your dinner.

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