Friday, March 8, 2013

Fitness Fridays

I do the grocery shopping alone (by alone I mean with a toddler in the cart playing games on a Nook to avoid complete meltdown and an infant in a MOBE strapped to my chest).  I do not buy crap because said crap would attach itself directly to my butt.  Any excuse my husband can find to go to Target or Walmart results in two things, a video game and crap.  Last night my husband came home with:

1. Chips Ahoy
2. Chips Ahoy with Reeses
3. Swiss Cake Rolls
4. Zebra Cakes

Really.  I saw the pile (because they did not magically find their way to the pantry, weird) and said:

"Do you like women with big asses?  I hope so or you will be a very sad man."

He grinned a really rotten grin which leads me to believe that yes, he is in fact a butt man.  So as I sit today dreaming of all the crap now living in my pantry (the put away fairy only visits when I am home, weird), I decided to post one of the most effective and dreaded exercises I know.  The Burpee.

This exercise goes by many names.  Cell block push-up's, squat thrust, the up-down and the list goes on.  Basically you squat (the kind to pick something up, not the exercise kind), jump your feet back into plank position, jump your feet back to where they started then explode up into a jump, then back down to start over.  This works EVERYTHING.  If you want to make it harder (stupid) you can add a push up while in the plank position.  These are crazy hard and exhausting so instead of a number of reps, I go for a minute and do as many as I can.  I am not going to lie, at the end of a minute, my jump back is more of a walk and my explode up is more like standing.  As creepy Tony Horton would say - Do your best and forget the rest!

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