Monday, February 25, 2013

Mondays With the Maid

So I am still stuck on my shower.  I am conflicted.  The OCD girl in me can't leave it alone, the ADD girl in me is ready to do the laundry, and the toilets, and the grocery list, ohh look something shiny...  and the lazy girl in me says "who cares, let's watch Real Housewives."  Today the winner was OCD.

As I have pointed out before my sister is brilliant as well as one of the only people who reads this and gives me opinions.  She asked if I had tried Barkeeper's Secret.  Hmmmmmmmmm.  I was at Hope Depot this weekend and picked up a bottle, which promised to clean my mineral build up.  It even said it must be rinsed off the surface at most a minute after application.  That got my hopes up!  If it has to come off in a minute, surely it is strong enough to tackle a little lime scale.

I'm sure you know by now where this is going.  Epic Fail.

My last resort is windshield cleaner.  I do not have high hopes.  On the plus side, I would just complain that I could see my naked self a little too clearly in the mirror across from the shower if it did work.  Maybe cloudy is better.

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