Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tiffany Inspired Baby Ensemble

It is that time of year again.  The breeders are in overdrive.  I currently know six, yes six, pregnant women.  Be prepared for a lot of baby item postings.  Today I am sharing the cardigan pattern for my Tiffany inspired baby ensemble.

One of my three co-workers that is pregnant, loves Tiffany.  She even painted her closet Tiffany blue and put in a chandelier.  When I found this beautiful Tiffany blue yarn in my stash, I set out to find patterns that would fit my theme.  I found this sweater pattern on Ravelry.com.  I started to whip it up and found that the pattern is a little wrong.  Not a lot, maybe not at all, maybe just not explained properly.  I got about 1/4 of the way done and realized it was wrong.  I had to rip it back out and start over.  Luckily, this sweater works up VERY quickly, so it was not a big deal.  I decided I liked the way it looked with the little capped sleeves, so that made it extra fast.  It is the perfect gift for a summer baby.

Capped Sleeve Infant Sweater
worsted weight yarn, you only need a small amount, not even 1/2 skein
size H crochet hook for newborn (I for 0-3 months)
yarn needle
1/2" ribbon
Ch 37 (this is the neckline)
Row 1: DC in 3rd chain from hook and in the next 4 chs, (DC, ch 1, DC) in the next ch, DC in next 4 chs (this is the sleeve), (DC, ch 1 DC) in next ch, DC in next 12 chs (this is the back), (DC. ch 1, DC) in the next ch, DC in the next 4chs (other sleeve), (DC, ch 1, DC) in the next ch, DC in the last 6 sts, ch 3, turn
Row 2: Skip ch 3 space *DC to first ch 1 space (DC, ch1, DC) in ch space* repeat around three more times, DC to end, ch3, turn
Rows 3-6: repeat row 2 **here is where it is important to note DO NOT DC into the top of the ch 3, you will end up with a slanting front**
Row 7: DCto the ch 1 space, DC in the ch space, ch 1, skip to the next ch 1 space, DC in that space, DC to next ch 1 space, DC in that space, ch 1, skip to next ch space, DC in that space, DC to the end, ch 3, turn
Row 8: DC in each st and ch 1 around (54 sts, including the ch 3)
Rows 9-17: DC in each st, ch 3, turn (be sure NOT to DC into the ch 3 at the end of each row)
Tie off yarn and weave in ends.  Weave ribbon between top row of DC, leaving enough tail to tie a bow in front. 
The ch 3 counts toward the number of stitches in the row and gives you a sweet little scalloped edge up the front of the sweater.
*Hat and booty patterns coming soon!*

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