Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Fridays

Butts have become big.  Literally and figuratively.  Big breasts, meh.  Now the focus is on the bedonkadonk, donkey booty, dat ass, I can't find my thesaurus so that's all I got.  Incubating and birthing and rearing three humans has left me with a lackluster posterior.  Not a train wreck (like my stomach), but certainly not noteworthy either. 

Since I can never have an ample bosom (outside of breastfeeding of course), and I gave up on killer abs about ten years ago...  well, I didn't give up, that dream was ripped from me by the biggest of my small people.  I would nickname her Dreamkiller, but people would probably get the wrong idea.  Tangent over.

Anyway.  Since I can't have big breasts, full lips or killer abs, I have decided a great butt is my last hope for an enviable body part.  In my research, I was happy to find that some of the best posterior exercises are well known and easily mastered options. 

Today, I am sharing a variation on the traditional lunge.


Reverse Lunge
Backward lunge exercise.
Basically, you step back into the lunge instead of forward. Be sure to bend your front knee at a 90 degree angle. Do not extend your knee forward past your toe, keep it directly above your ankle. Start with 12 reps per leg and work your way up to 20.  I recommend setting your IPod to Sir Mix-A-Lot. 

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