Friday, February 22, 2013

Fitness Fridays

I have a cool tricep move to share this week.  My son would love to have "bat wing" arms.  Me... not so much and the older I get the more terrifying they become. 

Chair dips and free weights are great, but I saw this and thought it was a really good idea.  I am lazy enough to not want to have to go to the basement and get my weights, so anything I can do without them gets a gold star in my book! 


Place your elbows and palms flush against the wall, and take a few steps back so that your weight is supported from elbow to palm. Then, extend your elbows out and back slowly.  I am starting with reps of 8-10.  A girl's gotta be able to brush her hair the next day, so be careful!

This guy's triceps are bangin' so apparently he thinks that gives him a pass to wear his sweat pants like that.

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