Friday, June 28, 2013

Emma's Origami-The Piano

I have been trying to keep my little people VERY busy this summer.  Idle hands, right?  So far, my 10 year old daughter's favorite activity is origami.  It is a nice project because it is pretty instant gratification.  Since she is having so much fun with it, I decided to share some of her favorites with you!  Happy folding! 

The Piano

You will need:
origami paper
pen or marker to draw on keys

What you do:
Fold paper in half.  The color inside will be the color of the keys.
Fold the paper in half again,

then open the last fold, revealing a line down the center of the rectangle.  Fold each side into this center line.

Open the sides back up.  Your rectangle should have three crease lines.

Gently separate the layers of the side flaps

and make triangle folds at the top.

Fold the center flap up, to meet the base of the triangles,

then fold up again, making a crease along the base of the triangles.  This is the keyboard.

Fold the sides back in

then gently open them back up and allow the keyboard to fall into place.  Draw the keys on the keyboard and you are finished!

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