Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Simple Crochet Purse

For Christmas I made my cousin's girls craft bags with their initials on them (see the post here).  Unfortunately, I have apparently been spelling one of the girl's names incorrectly for years.  Yeah.  When I realized her name was Kaydee not Caydee, I felt like a toad.  I apologized profusely and promised to make her another bag.  She was absolutely sweet and very forgiving.  I was a toad.

I decided to make her something completely different that takes way more effort to try to redeem myself.  Here is what I made her!

Simple Crochet Purse

Here is a link to the original pattern I used.
I made some changes starting with the pattern of the mid section.  The shell pattern used in the original, was a bit open and loose for what I had in mind.  Here is the pattern I used on the middle section of my purse (the lavender).
Round 1: sc in each stitch around
Round 2: ch3, skip first sc *skip next sc, dc in next sc, dc in skipped sc working over and enclosing previous dc (crossed dc made), dc in next sc.  Repeat from * around.
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until desired height.  I did my middle section shorter than the original because I wanted a purse size, not a sack. 
Continue on with top section of original pattern.
When I was finished I added a lining to the bag.  That sounds like a good Thursday post...

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