Monday, April 22, 2013

Mondays With the Maid

The maid is tired today, so you kind of get a cop-out post.
I am claustrophobic.  A cluttered house makes me crazy.  I am always looking for ways to organize the chaos and make it a little more bearable.
No matter how much counter space you have, it never seems like enough so I like to keep them as clear as possible.  One item that takes up a huge amount of counter space is a dish drain rack.  Even with a dishwasher, sometimes you need to hand wash things.  Big things, things that will melt or simply too many dirty dishes to fit in the washer at one time (don't be fooled, I don't usually wash those by hand, I leave them and run a second load in the dishwasher).  But you don't need it out all the time so I came up with an easy way to store it when you are not using it:

I put up a couple of removable sticker hooks on the inside of my cabinet under the sink and hung my rack right on it.  Now it is off my counter but within easy reach and not taking up too much precious cabinet space.  Now to find an easy way to hide the rest of my crap...

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