Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winey Wednesdays

Today I am shakin' things up.  Today, I am talking about beer.

I HATE beer.  Unless I am drunk, but that could be said of many things.

My brother-in-law came over to visit with a six pack of Blue Moon and some OJ.  This is the best thing, he says.  You will love it, he says.  Beer and orange juice is the bomb, he says.

Beer and orange juice?  Really?  Sick.

Try it, he says.  I take a Squidward sip (Not up on your Spongebob references?  Lucky you.).  I take a regular sip.  I steal his beer. 

Beer and orange juice.  Really.

My brother-in-law says you must use Blue Moon or it is not as good.  Something about it being a wheat ale maybe?  I trust him on this because he is engaged to a bartender so, yeah.

Anyhoo, Blue Moon with a splash of orange juice is rocking my world this week.  SUPER good.  Try it with orange pineapple juice too.  Yum!

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