Thursday, April 11, 2013

Winey Wednesdays

I came home last night, tired and hungry.  I decided to sample the wine of the week while I made dinner.  Let me just say, a big glass of wine (this week is a good one) on an empty stomach did me in.  We will just pretend today is Wednesday and I can hold my alcohol.

This week's wine is one of my most favorite so far.  It has a cool name, the label is pretty and best of all, I liked the wine!  The label describes it as being a "deeply concentrated wine" and I know I drank it on an empty stomach, but WOW it hit me hard!  The label also says this Chardonnay is "fresh and vibrant" (I agree) "delivering bright tropical pineapple, pear and melon with clean citrus and a touch of vanilla" (very fruity and slightly creamy).
Here is my two cents:  This wine is bright and fruity with a subtle bite (burn).  Is is extremely flavorful and pretty rich for a white wine.  All in all a darn good wine.

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