Friday, April 19, 2013

Fitness Fridays - Oldies but Goodies

When thinking about exercise, it is easy to get caught up in all the "new" workouts out there.  However, some of the best moves are ones you will probably remember from gym class.  These can be a great addition to your circuit training repertoire.  One of the most important factors in any workout is change.  It keeps your body from getting efficient and your mind from getting bored.  Here are some of my favorite "classic" moves.  
  1. Jumping Jacks-works your total body including your cardiovascular system, start with 2-3 reps of 25
  2. Chair Dips-works primarily your triceps, a great modification is to put your feet on a chair too then you will work legs and core as well, try 2-3 reps of 10-15
  3. Plank-works your core like nobody's business, try holding for 1 minute
  4. High Knees-fast or slow, your legs and butt will BURN, try to keep it moving for 3 reps of 60 seconds each
  5. Leg Lifts-don't laugh, inner and outer thighs will benefit greatly, try 3 reps of 10 each leg
  6. Wall Sits-oh the burn, try it on your toes to hit your entire lower body, 60 seconds at a time
  7. Mountain Climbers-everything, especially your core will tighten up with these, go for 60 second intervals
  8. Step Ups-lower body with a cardio benefit, go hard for 60 second bursts
  9. Jump Rope-there is a reason boxers do it, it is great cardio and jumping is more intense than you remember, use it as a warm up to get your blood pumping and all your muscles going
  10. Sit Ups-yup, they work, be sure to do them on a mat or carpeted surface, I tuck my toes under my couch to help keep my feet on the floor, try 3 reps of 25-30

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