Monday, April 15, 2013

Mondays With the Maid

I have a husband who loves technology, therefore I have six flat screen TVs.  I have children who love to be dirty little monkey's, therefore I have six flat screen TVs with fingerprints all over them.
Here is how to clean them off properly.

Hopefully you can see the toddler sized schmears all over the playroom TV screen.
You will need:
a mixture of 1/8 c. water and 1/8 c. alcohol
2 microfiber cloths
Step 1:  Dampen one of your cloths with the alcohol solution.  I mean damp.  Squeeze as much out as you can.
Step 2:  Wipe down the TV with the damp cloth.  I do it all, screen, sides, top, back, everything.
Step 3:  Use your other cloth to dry the television.
Squeaky clean.  Until nap time is over.

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