Monday, December 26, 2011

Ripple Afghan

My step-son went to college this fall and I thought a great Christmas gift for him would be a handmade afghan.  My mother has made everyone she loves (and probably some people she didn't) an afghan.  Handmade blankets last forever.  They are warmer because they are full of love and sometimes swear words.  This one, has none of the latter.  It is a fantastically simple and quick afghan.  If you are knitting an afghan for the first time, I highly reccomend this one.

Ripple Afghan

What you need
7 skeins Vanna's Choice yarn in Taupe
6 skeins Vanna's Choice yarn in Cranberry
6 skeins Vanna's Choice yarn in Linen

What you do
*This afghan is knit holding 2 strands of yarn and working as if they are one*
Co 150 st
k 4 rows
Next row begins pattern
Row 1(RS): knit
Row 2: k3, p to last 3 st, k3
Row 3: k3, k2tog 3 times,*yo k1 6 times, k2tog six times, repeat from * to last 9 st, k2tog 3 times, k3
Row 4: knit

Work rows 1-4 3 times in Taupe, change to Cranberry and work rows 1-4 3 times, change to linen and work rows 1-4 3 times.

Repeat until desired length.  I did 6 reps so 72 rows in pattern.

Work rows 1-4 3 times more in Taupe.  Knit 4 rows and cast off

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