Saturday, February 11, 2012

Butt Wipin'

So apparently I am not with the program.  I have been using store bought baby wipes.  I was clearly not on the list of people who were told how INCREDIBLY easy it is to make your own.  My best friend has been making these "like, forever" but I guess didn't feel like sharing the know how until now.  This is her recipe.  It takes 5 minutes, faster if you have some anger to take out with the knife. 
I will say the best part was not the ease in which they are created, but the look of confusion and fear on my husbands face when he came into the kitchen to find me with a 10" serrated knife and a severed roll of paper towels.  Here is how it went:
"What are you doing?"
"Cutting a roll of paper towels in half."
"Oh." long pause "Why?"

I wish I could think of all those smart ass things I could have said like:
"It looked at me wrong."
"It didn't take out the trash." (he may have considered that one a threat)
"It will make it easier to hide the body."
"What do you mean?" (insinuating HE was the stupid one)

But I didn't.  I said I was making baby wipes.  Oh well.  Next time I will be ready.

Baby Wipes

What you need:
1/2 roll paper towels
2 Tbsp. baby oil
1-1/2 Tbsp. baby soap
1-3/4 c. hot water
gallon size Ziploc bag

What you do:
Here is what you need.  Easy right?

Cut the paper towels in half.  If your husband questions your motives, you are prepared.

Add the oil and soap to the hot water and mix well.

Put one of the paper towel halves in a gallon bag and pour the hot water mixture over the top.  Let this sit for a few hours.  Check it to see if it needs flipped over so all the water will be absorbed.

After a few hours the cardboard center will be soft and you can pull it right out of the middle.  Pull the center towel up and throw away the first one (it has glue on it).  Pull the wipes from the center as you use them. 

*Two things I learned.
  1. Viva paper towels seem like they would be great, but they pill up.
  2. Cutting paper towels in half is surprisingly hard.  Try an electric knife.  I am looking for a yard sale one for this purpose.

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