Friday, October 11, 2013

Spice Rack on Crack

I love to cook.  If you did not already know that, clearly you do not spend enough of your precious time reading my blog.  Shame on you.

I have an asinine amount of food stuffs.  My pantry could comfortably sustain weeks without grocery shopping (they would be very boring, produce and dairy free weeks, but it could be done).  I also have a little bit of everything in the spice department, which has caused me a slight problem.

My house came equipped with a lazy Susan I decided was the perfect place to keep all my seasonings.  Unfortunately, this lazy Susan was made for someone who simply LIKED to cook, not one who LOVES to cook.  I had it filled to capacity and then some.  I ended up with duplicates because I could never find what I needed.  Then it was chaos.

I love Ana White.  She has a great DIY blog ( check it out, I'll wait) and I get the updates by e-mail.  One day I saw this:

Door Spice Rack
I love, love, loved the idea of all my spices being at eye level and organized.  I wanted to make it.  Then I remembered.  I am a full time mom of a 10 year old, 3-1/2 year old and 11 month old, part time(ish) hairstylist, and my husband works ridiculous hours.  Sigh.  No beautiful homemade spice rack for me.
I knew this was the route I wanted to take in my pantry so I started looking for another (less time required) option.  I found these:
I knew this could be my solution.  I ordered four (yes FOUR) from Amazon and eagerly awaited their arrival (don't judge, it's the little things in life, right?)
They came, I easily mounted them on the inside of my pantry door and organized all my spices (By organize, I mean alphabetically.  Yes I'm serious.) 
Organization is a beautiful thing.
Jealous?  Want to have your own?  You can!  Order your own racks here.  Be careful when you install them so they don't bump the inside trim of your door frame (the piece that makes it stop in the right place).  Mine did a little bit so I had to adjust (meaning I sanded down the corner of the trim piece because I was NOT moving the racks.  They each have six screws.  NOT HAPPENING.)  I do have a couple of large spices that I bought at Sam's Club and they do not fit in these racks, but all the normal size containers do.  Happy homemaking!


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