Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cheater's Cafe Mocha

I love coffee.  I love the smell, the taste and considering I have three children, I am particularly fond of the caffeine.
I usually drink my coffee at home with a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of cream, but I am also a fan of a good café mocha.  Unfortunately, I am not always able to drag my two smaller kiddos out to grab one from the local shop, so I came up with an easy to make at-home option.  You will laugh at the simplicity of my version, until you try it.  Then you will be impressed by my brilliance.

Cheater's Café Mocha
also known as "My children make me a shut in mocha"
hot chocolate mix
whip cream if you're inclined
This is made according to personal taste.  I will tell you how I like mine and give you a starting point.
Heat 1/2 cup milk in the microwave for about 1 minute.
While it heats, add 2 tablespoons hot chocolate mix to your mug.
Pour hot milk slowly over mix, stirring vigorously to combine.
Top off with coffee (I use a Keurig set on the big cup).
If you want the authentic experience, bust out the Dream Whip for a topper.
That is it!  I know right?  You've been paying Timmy Ho-Ho's two fiddy for a cup of pretty much the same thing (minus the milk, gross).  You're welcome.

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