Friday, December 7, 2012

Salted Chocolate Topped Honeycomb Candy

My mother used to make candy when I was little.  I have fond memories of her fishing the little ball of whatever she was making out of a glass of water and giving it to me to try.  Candy making was always a happy occasion...  until I grew up and realized candy making is a pain in the...  well, if you've tried to make candy you already know.  Thermometers, hard ball, soft ball, not to mention the constant threat of dropping a pot of boiling hot sugar on myself or one of the littles (yes, I immediately go to worst case scenario, death by candy making).  Happily, I found there are quite a few candy recipes that are quite foolproof.  This is one of the easiest and fastest recipes I know.  It makes a crispy layer of almost butterscotchy candy topped with a slightly bitter chocolate layer, cut with the salty crunch of sea salt.  If you and mother nature are hanging out this week, this is the perfect fix.  Sweet, salty and done NOW!

Salted Chocolate Topped Honeycomb Candy

1/2 c. sugar
4 Tbsp. dark corn syrup
1-1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 c. bittersweet chocolate chips
sea salt
Tear a square of parchment an have ready on counter beside stove.
Combine sugar and corn syrup in a saucepan. 
Place over medium heat. 
Without stirring, heat until boiling. 
When it looks golden and syrupy and very bubbly take off heat and QUICKLY whisk in baking soda.  IMMEDIATELY  pour onto parchment.  DO NOT TRY TO SPREAD.  Let cool.
While honeycomb is cooling, melt chocolate.
Carefully pour chocolate into the center of the honeycomb and spread to edges. 
Sprinkle top with salt. 
Let harden.  Break into bite sized pieces.

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