Sunday, July 17, 2016

She Was Number One

Can you guess which of my blog posts gets the most attention?  It's not a competition.  The winning post, gets the most looks by a long shot.
It is my post about re-sealing our first camper.  In case you don't remember, here it is.
I kinda think it's because of my husband's super sexy hands in one of the shots (Any of you other ladies have a thing for a man with nice hands?).
I feel a little bad about that being such a popular post because as some of you know, we bought a new RV and have tucked our first girl away in a storage lot.  Unfortunately, in addition to being a little small for our growing family, she was pretty neglected by her previous owner and fixing her was going to take more than just a simple resealing. 
The windows had leaked to the point the wallboard was crumbling which meant not only did they need to be removed and resealed, but the inner wall surfaces needed removed and replaced.  Once that started, chances were the insulation would also have to be replaced along with who knows what else.
It didn't seem right to sell her even knowing we would disclose what all was wrong.  Most people who buy campers don't really get what all can and does go wrong with them.  We certainly didn't.
So, she sat in a lot in a neighboring town just waiting for us to decide what in the heck to do with her.
Until know.
Our new house has the perfect spot for her to sit and hang out while I convince my husband to go along with my plan for her.
I want her to be a 'she-shed'.  It would be perfect.  She could have a bed and a kitchenette, making her a great guest house, and I a desk that overlooks the pond at the back of our property would make her a perfect get away for me when I need some peace and quiet to write my sexy time books...  I mean romance novels.
Cross your fingers I can talk him into it.  I think making a she-shed would be a great thing to share with you guys!

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