Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leaky Camper Blues

If you read yesterday's post, you already know I bought a camper AND you already know it leaks (if not I have now informed you thusly).  Before I tell you how we fixed it, I am going to show you all the loveliness the leaking caused.  Ready?

This is the area we would have originally referred to as the bathroom.  The back wall had a tiny tub, the area where the dehumidifier is had a small sink and you can see the hole in the floor where the toilet was.  As you can see the water soaked most of the bathroom sub-floor.
This is the bunk area.  The water continued through the closet you see in the center (the bathroom is on the right) and under the bunk bed area.  There are three bunks, with one sitting pretty much on the ground that had to be temporarily removed (more on that later).

Once we found that mess, we became highly suspicious and began investigating EVERYWHERE.  I noticed the wall board at the far corner of the big bed looked odd.  We discovered the worst leak of all along the whole front wall of the camper.  We had to remove the bed platform lid to really get at is as you can see.  The larger section (where you can see the outside) is a storage area you access through doors on each side.  The sub-floor inside of each door looks like
this, and
Clearly the top picture is much worse for the wear, but each side has a lot of water penetration.
The water continued under the bed platform, and under the nightstand which used to be here.
It finally stopped (in this section at least) under the couch, which was in this corner, when it hit the furnace (the silver box).
The last area we found was by the door and adjacent to one of the dinette benches.  This area and the areas by the doors to the storage area, are the only spots where the sub-floor has been compromised.
Now comes the fun part.  Deciding what to do.  We started with the no brainer... dry out the camper.  Tomorrow, I will enlighten you on that gross and slow process.

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