Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Dry Out a Camper

When we bought our camper, it looked well cared for and clean.  One thing to remember if you are thinking of buying your own house on wheels, is that looks are deceiving.   Very, very deceiving. 

Once we got home, we really started to look the old girl over.  I noticed some discoloration on the vinyl floor next to the bunk beds.  I started investigating and saw there was also some in the bathroom.  I tried to convince myself it was a factory defect but I knew what it meant.  Water.

Our only option was to open up any area that was wet and let it dry out.  So, we gutted the bathroom, took out a bunk bed, the queen bed, the couch and a night stand.  Then we ripped up all the floor coverings (carpet and vinyl).  Once we uncovered all the wet areas, we rigged up fans and a dehumidifier (see it in the picture?).  It ran for a week and a half and we pulled out over 6 gallons of water.  Craziness.

Even though this totally SUCKED,  I will not have to wonder about the condition of our camper (I am quite aware).  I know when my littlest is crawling all over, he will not be crawling through other people's yuck (we ripped it all out).  Best of all, I get brand new flooring.  The original stuff was cheap vinyl and carpet (who thought carpet in a camper was a good idea?).  For the new stuff, I went to Lumber Liquidators and bought durable and easy to clean laminate.  Guess what I will be doing this weekend?  You got it.  Installing laminate in a camper!  I will keep you posted.

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