Monday, March 5, 2012

Mondays With the Maid-best cleaning product ever!

So.  It is time for the first official installment of Monday's With the Maid.  As promised I am going to share my favorite cleaning product with you.  You will be a little shocked and probably not believe me.  It's okay.  It's happened before.  But let me tell you, everyone I have ever told about this product who has tried it became a believer.  You will too if you give it a chance.  Here it is:

Notice it is almost gone?  I use it for everything.

I first heard about this cleaner many, I mean a couple of years ago when I first started doing hair.  Hairstylists use it to get color out of their clothes.  I started using it for that purpose and then figured if it got color out it could probably do anything.  So it became a personal quest to see what all I could accomplish with this product.  The maker has some suggestions:


It is meant to be diluted a certain amount for different uses.  All are listed on the back of the bottle.  I am a no nonsense kind of girl.  I generally use the stuff straight. 
This stuff is... well... awesome.  They named it well.  I have used it on any kind of stain a husband or child or pet can make on clothes (my husband is a chemical engineer so he can make some pretty interesting stains) or carpet or upholstery.  I have removed Sharpie from carpet without damaging the rug.  I have gotten poop and vomit stains out of carpet and clothing.  I use it with my carpet cleaner on hard to get out spots and pee pee smells (gross).  All I do is spray it on and using a shoe covered foot, rub it into the spot.  Then I wait a few minutes and do it again.  I run over it with my carpet cleaner filled with clean hot water and 99% of the time a miracle happens.
Here is the really incredible part.  It is sold at dollar stores for $1.  That's right.  A buck.  Insanity.  You can also pick it up at Walmart.  If you have people or pets I highly recommend getting this and starting your own personal quest to see what you can remove with this awesome (groan, I know, I had to) product!

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