Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Emma's Origami-The Necktie

Just so you know, this tie only lasted a couple of seconds after this picture was taken.  Life expectancy of paper goods in my house is shockingly short...

First, fold paper in half, corner to corner.

Open it up, flip it over and fold each side in to the center creating a kite.

Flip it over, wide end toward you, and fold top corner down, keeping the center lines together.

Fold this corner back up about 1/2" under the previous fold.

Make small folds on both sides of this flap, pushing them in and under the flap (this is kind of tricky).

Flip over and bend the tip back and slightly overlapping the main piece.

Fold both sides in so they meet in the middle.  Use the top flap to hook over your shirt and see how long it survives in your house! 

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